The latest in Live Streaming, China style

In a world populated by terms that should not even exist – like “fake news” and our screens are increasingly full of horrible events, its nice to read some good news which puts a smile on your face.

I must say I’m not big on live streaming. But today I discovered a pair of unlikely live- – astreamers who brought a smile to my face.

76 year-old Cao XueMei’s husband Cui Jingli has Alzheimer’s disease. In order to brighten up her husband’s life, their daughter helped them make their own livestreaming channel, Kaixin Nainai,  or Happy Grandma.

The couple take to the airwaves for three hours each day, singing, dancing, and generally chatting to their followers – all 27,000 of them. Cao happily dispenses advise to younger people who form the biggest section of Kaixin Nainai’s  followers.

Happily, with all the chatting, singing and dancing, Cao has found her husband’s condition has improved and he is able to speak more clearly and his memory is improving.

The couple have become China’s latest internet sensations, with their moving story touching the hearts of many.