Looking for Pedestrian Badfish

Spaceship passengers and fellow-travellers, it’s been a long time between drinks and blog-posts here on the Spaceship. there’s many a good reason for that. Truly, I’ve been meaning to post and have dreamt up many exciting wonderful things to share with you about China.

But  not one of those fanciful things happen here in this post. You see, it’s kind of a blogging emergency. Way back a year or so ago when the world was young, a resilient blogging community was birthed in the back bars of one of Blogsville’s most loved addresses, the Badfish and Chips Cafe. Many regular readers, travellers and stowaways on the Spaceship will have sipped tea there or had drinks – some of you may have even got to meet the Ghost of Elvis down in the basement bar. True Story.

Thing is Dear Readers, Badfish has gone missing. It look the courageous spirit of our Amsterdam correspondent, Lucille @ Lucile’s Bridges ( disclosure: not her real blog name), to send out a search party. Lucile has issued a “Where’s Waldo/Wally” type challenge, to see if any of our intrepid blog readers can find the missing Badfish.

So the challenge goes like this: you post pictures of whereever your blog is at, and see if your readers can find Badfish amongst them.

is he hiding amongst the Bamboo at the Cang Ling Ting – Blue Wave Pavillion – in Suzhou?

Is he just over the hill and heading towards Mongolia?


Hiding in this urn in the Temple of Heaven?

Masquerading as one of Beijing’s Senior Citizens doing taijiquan  or selling crotheted dragons at the fore-mentioned Temple of Heaven?

Perhaps that’s him there, watching the Yellow Sea by that red monolith thing in Qingdao?

Hangin’ on the Wind and Rain Bridge with the Miao people?

Or maybe he is wearing pyjamas while going to the butchers in Shanghai?

Honestly folks, I tell you, it’s a thing, a real thing. The first time I saw it, I could hardly believe it. I giggled, and pointed out the pyjama-wearing auntie to my friend. Then I saw someone else, and another one. Shanghai people wear pyjamas as casual clothes. ( disclosure 2: I’m too embarrassed to snap away at someone shopping in their bed-clothes – I borrowed this photo from the internet. All the other photos, I can assure you, you can blame me for.)

Gee I miss China. So many wonderful, interesting things, people and places. Always full of life and colour.

Wait a minute! Isn’t that Baddie’s thongless foot? He posted more pics of his foot than his face back in the day.

Dear blogging community, if you want to participate in the Where is Badfish photo challenge, just post pictures of your favourite location and a picture of the Badfish himself ( you can steal it from up there at the top of this page). If you are all techy and that, you can even photoshop Baddie into said locations.

oh, and should you actually come across Pedestrian Fish, please tell him to head on over to Amsterdam. Lucille of Lucile’s Bridges ( just in case you missed the first link) is waiting for him, on the Banks of the Red Bridge, with a cup of tea and a bottle of the Green Fairy.