Chocolate Surprise!

No matter how many years I live in China, I always manage to find something epicurean to surprise me. Chinese food has four regional cuisines  and many subvarieties within that.

Ordering food in China is an art – one must balance “hot” and “cold” foods, meat and vegetables, a range of flavours, and dishes presented with artistic flair.

Despite travelling widely within China and having eaten at banquets, people’s homes, fancy restaurants and street stalls, I am always amazed that I always find something culinary to surprise me.

Recently whilst eating out in Jinan, capital of the province of Shandong, one of the dishes was this:

The waiter came along and lit the ball of chocolate.

I watched, almost breathless, as the candle burnt down…. wondering why there was a candle in the chocolate ball anyhow. I mean to say, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday…

“Wait!” I was told.. I waited… watching….

When the candle finally reached the bottom, the chocolate ball split open –


Can you guess what was inside?…. ( something yummy, of course….)