One Phoenix Looking at the Moon


one woman, solitary, in a tea shop,

waiting for customers


one lamp, belonging to two


another lamp


in a lamp-lit street

hundreds of people, walking

under one light chicken

one phoenix, looking at the moon.

Each lunar new year has an animal sign, and each year an element. This year is year of the fire chicken, sometimes thought of as the Phoenix.

The photos were taken with a samsung galaxy ( or regular readers, yes, another new one, the OPPO is in semi-retirement) at 蟹塘老街 Xie Tang Lao Jie, Xie Tang Ancient Street, in Suzhou. Xie Tang Street is a ‘new-old’ street – built about two years ago in traditional style.

Its hard to be alone in China – go outside and you will always find crowds of people, even on a cold sunday night. It took a while to get the photos without people!