Ambience 2

China is under urban renewal. In a big way. Think of it as development of steroids. Or think of it as highrise buildings spreading like a virus.

However you encapsulate it, it’s everywhere. Ricefields have disappeared into a conglomeration of cement and steel. Most cities preserve something traditional, often in one street.

Like the food street in Chengdu, in the featured photo. Some of the buildings this street have been renovated from centuries old buildings.

Stumbling into a traditional area like this is like finding an oasis in a desert. It’s solace for the soul amongst the concrete miasma.

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But I refuse to give up: so, I’m gonna work around it. I’m going to keep telling you about the traditional ambience that lurks hidden in most Chinese cities, and just put the link right here,

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To find out more about the urban development, check out the Ghost City link. Be warned – the ghost cities are not quite what you might think.

STay tuned for some more ambient photos of the traditional area in Chengdu, Sichuan. Sorry to clog up your mailbox. Blame WordPress, and complain to them! …..