Party discipline at the Party Plenum

Yesterday, driving through Nanjing, I saw a billboard which said
Socialism for the future – or something like that. I wasn’t quick enough to capture a photo. Naturally, I wondered what this was about, a socialist sign in the midst of glittering skyscraper capitalism.

Stephen Perry’s excellent post explains it…..

China Global Impact

At the recently concluded important Party Plenum, the main output was a very strong position taken by President Xi on corruption.

I think some foreign commentators were expecting an easing back on this and typified the approach as somewhat sensing a force at the heart of the Party. The implication being that it was some sort of political battle.

Of course that may be the case as Chinese politics is never very clear until sometime later. But it is possible to see the approach in the context of China transitioning through the market economy towards a more socialist form by 2049.

I have noticed the long debate in Marxist circles as to whether socialism in one country is possible and if it can be achieved without going through capitalism.

To some extent that is quite a refined theoretical debate but its conclusions are the background to the importance of this…

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