Shining with Local Colour



Pingtan评弹opera – a local Suzhounese musical tradition, originating some 400 years ago.

Usually performed in a teahouse, like this one

These two singers are famous “National A Grade Actors” who performed on traditional instruments. Teahouse customers can pay extra money to hear the singers perform a song of their chosing.


The Tea Menu is quite comprehensive, offfering a variety of green and red (black) teas from a variety of regions. Some are more expensive than others. My choice for the night was a rose red tea – 红茶.  hong cha is usually called “black tea” in English.

My tea leaves were placed in the cup and boiling water was added. Throughout the evening, a waiter would come and refill my cup. Endlessly. As I sat and chatted with my friends and enjoyed the pingtan.

Shining with local colour: WordPress Photo Challenge  Shine   and Local