The Edge of Jiugongshan

a daoist temple, perched on the edge of a lake on the edge of a mountain 

at 九宫山 jiugongshan, nine palaces mountain

云中湖 yunzhong hu, Middle of the Clouds Lake, is aptly named. driving up the mountain I felt like i was in the middle of a chinese painting, all craggy mountain peaks, mist and greenery


daoists from the sacred mountain wudangshan came to rebuild the temple after the devastation during the cultural revolution

walking up the mountain, coming to the edge of a precipse in 九宫山 jiugongshan,

with a view in front of you something like this


and a gap below of some thousand feet

giddying should you look down, but you dont

The others have gone first, stepped across the ravine like its a walk in the park, and you know there’s more hazardous mountain paths, like treacherous 华山 hua shan, the Flower Mountain, and if you dont walk soon you wont find them again because the mountain is lost in a thousand-year-old mist

so you step, over the edge, because its all you can do, not looking down… its only a little jump, and your heart beats as you tread through the mist, wondering if your feet are going to step on solid mountain rock, or the air circulating through another ravine

12 years pass, a whole cycle of Jupiter,  the岁星 , the year star and its the Monkey Year again, and you’re on the edge – we’re all on the edge – of Jupiter and dwarf planet Makemake,

Jupiter in the Milky Way, Nasa Astronomy picture of the day sourced from

who are hanging out together and aligning themselves slap bang to the middle of the Milky Way, right near Galactic Central, which according to Astrologer Jim “can be so rife with Danger that it can Create its own kinds of Trauma.  ” Turns out there’s a host of other planets and  dwarf planets in the cosmic mix and Astrologer Jim tells us that “the World is Shifting, and this is an Opportunity for us to Shift along with it.  That means Letting Go of obsolete Identities and Emotional Baggage, and replacing them with New Ways of Looking at the World.  “

So that’s what’s going on, you think, as everyone you know is dealing with heavy-duty energy and on the edge of madness and despair, love and transformation, as Gaia shakes off all she doesnt need and sends us into a spin of transformational energy so intense you cant sleep, you can’t walk, you can barely even cry….

when saturn and neptune have got you cornered, currently in aspect to Jupiter and all those dwarf planets, ( see Astrolger Jim at the above links), it behoves to think of the wise words of Mary Mausby,  who reminds us, like John did all those years ago that

so when you’re on the edge of reality, it’s really not so hard, cancel the negative thoughts, neutralize their energy, and upgrade our energy into positivity and miracles

and remember

all you need is love, love, love is all you need.

stone gate in jiugongshan