Where are we going, Dad?


爸爸, 你去哪儿?Baba qu na er? Where are we going Dad is – or rather WAS – a hit TV show in China. It’s been estimated about 600 million people watch(ed) it weekly, with sponsership for the second series selling for around $50 million.

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A group of Dad’s get hands on with their kids as they travel around China – and, well, even Western Australia.

Such a popular show would be bound to have a new series, right?

Wrong. The Dads, in this instance, are celebrities. You know, the rich and famous type celebrities. Oh, and handsome. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television is concerned about the impact of this stardom on children. “The sad reality is that as a result many celebrity children are being exploited as commodities,” says Ma Xiaoyan from Shandong University. “While many kids enjoy the opportunities — not to mention the attention — brought about by their new-found fame, many people are concerned by the negative effect the experience could be having on their mental and physical wellbeing.” That’s from Xinhua, the Chinese Reuters.

( The source is there in the grey font, ‘new found fame’)

Taiwanese actor in Baba, ni qu na er?

What do you think? Banning  children from being ‘exploited’ as celebrities, ‘protecting children’s innocence’,  or just a much needed respite from so called ‘reality TV’? What’s your take?