Framed in a Keyhole

Spaceship China recently went on a jaunt, to see Micius.

That’s the thing with quantum physics, you can get to far away places, and arrive in a completely different time-frame. All in the twinkling of an eye.

Fiddling around with the spacetime contiuum can lead to some headaches though. ( Just ask The Doctor.) Upon our dive back into the blue-green ball which is Earth, we  ended up – well, in a completely different country!

Unfortunately, got the timecodes wrong and didnt end up meeting with Virginia Woolf after all, sadly….

I did spend an inordinate amount of time in Ravello trying to get a good shot of

light framed by this keyhole….

Why? Whose to say, really. I guess I thought it was something mystically symbolic about looking through small places to see somewhere far, far away….

or maybe I just got bored taking too many scenic shots….

Thankfully, we fixed the control buttons, and made it home safe and sound, where  my evenings are happily framed by looking at my favourite building

Suzhou Arts and Craft Centre, framed by fireworks!