Morning Egg

Regular readers will know that Spaceship China took a break. We had some issues with the quantum drive, and as we flew past

Tian Gong 1 – “Heavenly Palace”, China’s space station, we noticed some problems with the control settings. ( Wait a minute! That’s Tiangong 3,which isn’t suppossed to be finished till 2022/23…. well, I did say we were having issues….)

The skeleton crew decided to make a quick stop here.


and you know what they say…….

when in Rome…..

do what the Romans do… which is have coffee and pastry in the morning

Thankfully, the control buttons were fixed, and now everything is back to normal.

Having the morning egg.

Tea eggs are a Chinese tradtion. Made from slow-boiling eggs in a secret mix of tealeaves and herbs, they create a marble pattern and are super-yum!