water synchroninity

I went down to the local shop today, to stock up on some organic food. Walking back – and letting the local shop helper deliver my bag of goodies on his motor bike ( gee its great to be back home…. ) I noticed a pavement stall , selling bottled water. They offered be a free sample – and I took it, as you do, asking where the water came from.

Tibet, they said.

I came home and as I slowly went through literally thousands of mails ( many of them blog subsriptions – I deleted them – I can’t possibly catch up) I found one of Lloyd Lofthouse‘s. Turned out to be a piece about why China needs Tibet.

brochure advertising tibetan glacial water

Why does China need Tibet? Well, water of course, duh.

The glacial lakes in Tibet are depleting, as China bottles and pipes said water to keep its million’s alive. You can read all the detail on

Here http://ilookchina.net/2016/07/26/chinas-water-race-to-beat-disaster/

more brochures for Tibetan water

I guess me being given a bottle of Tibetan glacian water and stumbling into Lloyd’s blog was synchronic.

Synchronitity, in chinese, 同步, tong bu, same step. Jung coined the term ‘synchronitiy’ to describe two events which had no apparent causal relationship, but were obviously joined together. Like you dream of your sister and she rings you when you wake. A psychic universe. Jung said, in his introduction to the Yi Jing, that synchroninity to the Chinese mind deals with ‘the coincidence of events’

It’s a bit like the principle of 道 dao and   道德 dao de whereby to have 德 de, or ‘virtue’ is simply to be in tune with ones own 道 dao or essential nature.

So today someone hands me a complementary bottle of Tibetan glacial water, I get home and find that now my mails have been deleted from over 1000 to 288, I have the space to read some of the blog notifications I’ve saved and it turns out one of those was about Tibetan water and it’s importance to China.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

Or rather, I’ve been stone fortressed.


diaobao le

 Chinese internet slang for I’m amazed and surprised, (literally stone fortress with a verb particle at the end.)

It’s great to be home. 🙂