Water Dancing



Water dancing on the South China Sea,

Aberdeen Harbour, view from the 45th floor!

flowing into Aberdeen Harbour to caress the boats.

The once-mighty Yellow River near Zhengzhou, Central China

The yellow-brown waters of Huang He, China’s Mother River

abalone farms in the Yellow Sea, near Qingdao

flowing erractically into the Yellow Sea

the once mighty Yellow River dimished to trickle

dimished, degraded, poisoned

First Bend in the Yangtze River

a chemical swill, like the great Yangtze

Pacific Ocean at Moffat Beach, Australia.

The waters of our planet, sustaining us

dolphins in Moreton Bay, Queenlsand, Australia

It’s World Water Day. Let’s give thanks to the water which sustains us and the planet.

Water crsystal exposed to words love and gratitude

Dr Masuro Emoto‘s work with water crystals shows us how our emotions effect all that is.

Will you join me and bless and give thanks to the water we drink and see, today, and every day?