Three Galaxies found missing in 2015

Scientists at Beijing’s top observatory found, to their amazement, three galaxies dissappeared from the universe in 2015. The galaxies had each been photographed through   China’s version of Hubble, and documented in international journals.

Spiral Galaxy near Big Dipper, taken by  China’s Chang E mission lander. This is the first photograph ever taken from robotic camera on the moon.

Photo courtesy of

The photo was taken in using ultra-violet light, and here’s one of the same galaxy from Hubble.


One day, the galaxies just weren’t there. The first one disappeared in the beginning days of 2015 – when scientists pointed their infra-multiple-telescopic-gigantic lens at the place where the galaxy had been, it was – well, just simply missing. Three months later in March of 2015, another previously documented galaxy just went kaput, and scroll down to the dying days of the year, a very newly discovered galaxy was just, simply, no longer there.


Okay, well, I made all that up.

Here’s where one of the missing galaxies used to be –


uhum, its a Samsung Galaxy smart-ish phone. 

Samsung looks like this in Korean, 삼성, and in Chinese, like this,  三星,meaning Three Stars. ( Samsung’s founder chose the name to represent something big and powerful as the Chinese deities  福禄寿 fu lu shou,  or good fortune, prosperity and long life.)

So it kinda makes sense that Samsung should produce a Galaxy.

2014-10-03 13.47.43.jpg
Photo taken from lost samsung galaxy phone

With two Galaxies lost in taxis ( yes, one at the beginning of 2015 and one in March), my third Samsung Galaxy, which took pictures of my favourite building

Suzhou Arts and Culture Centre


was stolen ( along with our passports) sometime onboard a flight from Shanghai to Hongkong just before Christmas. After spending a few hours lost in transit, we were eventually let on board the flight home and were waved into Aus without any drama. The holidays were spent getting new passports, the first months of 2016 getting new visas in said passports.

When I finally decided life was way to difficult to navigate without a smart-ish type phone, I took a friend’s advice and bought an OPPO.


OPPO is a Chinese brand mobile phone, made in Guangdong, cheaper than Apple products or Samsung, and just as good. It turns out my friend was right. OPPOs take great photographs!