Going shopping – life as art in Shanghai

If life imitates art, going shopping in Shanghai brings art to life.

Su Shi, Song Dynasty poet, on walls of Shanghai metro

There’s the metro line to get there, for starters, where you’ll find a collection of classical poems on the wall…

Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai graces the wall of the Shanghai metro
Irish poet WB Yeats visits Shanghai!

That’s before you get to do a spot of shopping, where you’ll have these guys to help you out

Monkey Madness

Surfer Monkey
Monkeys at Tien Tan

That’s without even approaching  K11, Shanghai’s modern art-while-you-shop building.

K11 in Shanghai

K11 was recently host to a wonderful exhibition of Claude Monet ‘s paintings

and 2016 opened with Salvador Dali’s art – all while you shop in K11.

Buildings opposite K11

Whilst K11’s motto is bringing art to the people, life and art merge in the monkey year. Who better than an army of monkeys to help you go shopping …

Army of Monkeys – Life imitating Art