Blessings from the Big Dipper

The blogging community is diverse, and I’m blessed to have found some like-minded souls here. Mary, over at Mindful Wanderings, always provides inspirational words echoed by captivating pictures of nature, reminding us to slow down, pause, and appreciate the enomous beauty our planet has to offer.

Mary is participating in a Blesstival Blog challenge, which began over at  Sophia’s Children.  . The aim is to create a wave of blessings across the world as this New Year begins.

Nothing could be more authenically Chinese than Daoism.

One of my favourite Daoist ceremonies is

礼斗  li dou

Praising the Stars of the Big Dipper

Priests and priestesses pray to 斗母 Dou Mu,the Mother of the Stars of the Big Dipper, or the Queen of Heaven.

dou mu

Dou Mu, Mother of the Stars of the Dipper constellation, at Tai Qing Guan, Laoshan.

The ritual to the stars of the Dipper contains prayers asking the Stellar Deities to protect human beings from all sorts of calamaties, to prolong life and to bring peace.

The following video is from 玉皇宫 Yu Huang Gong,  the Jade Emperor’s Temple.


May the Stars of the Big Dipper bless you and bring you peace and prosperity in 2016.