Ornate Woodwork

Detailed, elaborate handiwork is a Chinese tradtion in many fields, none the least being the ornate architecture styles of ancient dynasties.

The beautiful double-ringed pagoda in Beijing has a roof made of malachite-coloured tiles.

This  cupboard is rendered ornate by the splendid polishing and trimming on the expensive wood.

It sits in this rather ornate office, which unfortunately is not mine.



The woodworking tradtions which stem from ancient times are alive and well in modern China.

Walking down a street in a regional town in Jiangsu, I noticed this ornate woodwork being constructed over an old shop front.

It reminded me of when we hired woodworkers to build cupboards and ceiling trim in the apartment we bought in Qingdao.

Hallway frame
detail on frame

A phoenix carved on the hallway in our Qingdao house. The other side was a dragon. It ended up looking like this


 with this very ornate light

which brings me to another subject altogether, the very ornate lights to be found in China.

but that’s a story for another day…..