The careful selection of calligraphy brushes

A range of brushes, each with differing lengths and thickness –  even material from which the brush is made – are used for varying styles of calligraphy.

Brushes are dipped into an inkstone, wiped carefully to allow excess ink to leave the brush.

The brush must be held correctly, at proper angle.

Single words, or phrases, poems or quotes are written,

carefully, with thought and focus.

Calligraphy and painting by Meizi.

Sometimes paintings are added, or sometimes a painting is made, and calligraphy is added. The arts of Chinese painting and calligraphy complement each other, in  a dance of movement and grace.

After each careful stroke, the brushes are washed.

There are many forms of script in China.

Seal script and modern script counterposed.

The calligrapher gives thoughtful consideration to which script she will use,


the type of brushes she will use, and attentively makes each brush stroke a work of art, each stroke adding texture and depth to the formed character.

Calligraphy is a work of art, a meditation, an exercise in focus, calm, and beauty.


 I owe a debt of gratitude to Meizi for her beautiful calligraphy and photos.