Change to a Crane, Fly to Heaven

The God Shou Xing dropped down to earth and came for a cup of tea at the Yellow Crane Tower.

Please, Lao Ye, Old Grandfather can you change me into a crane like Luzu, the little boy asked.

Some centuries back, Lu Dong Bin, who wasn’t a god yet, visited Yellow Crane Tower on the conflux of the Yangzi. After a lifetime of studying the dao, travelling the country and healing people, the odd spot of miracle working, cultivating qi and writing esoteric books about neidan,   < internal cultivation>, Lu Dong Bin decided it was time to go to heaven, where he resides watching over his people.

So he walked to Yellow Crane Tower, climbed to the top, turned into a crane, and flew to heaven.

Mural at Yellow Crane Tower depicting Lu Dong Bin transformed into a crane and ascending to heaven. Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan is one of China’s most famous buildings.