Connected to the Blogoshere

The Blogosphere, also known as the Blogoverse, I have discovered, is an amazing thing. Since I dipped a cautious toe into the blogging world less than a year ago, I found myself discovering lots about the world through the wonders of blogs and fellow bloggers.

There’s all sorts of roads and pathways in the blogging world, leading to wondrous places. One of those roads is the WordPress weekly photo challenge, which this week, happens to be connected.

I”d already done a connected post, but I’d also been wanting to give a shout out to some dedciated bloggers who’ve gone the next step and have published books. The one’s I’m familiar are from Bloggin 101 days – way back in the beginning of 2015 – a crazy year where so much seems to have happened, and my world has been enriched by the Blogosphere.

The most recent book publisher, Trablogger, who has just published his first book. Congrats, Trablogger! Jithin over at Trablogger gives us some tips on travel India – so if you want the real mccoy, just check his site out!

Then of course there is Curtis, over at Mayotte. (Mayo where? No, not M. Naise). He has just published his One Green Bottle, a murder mystery. You can read the first four chapters here, and if you stumble around Curtis’ site for long enough you are bound to find where Mayotte is.

I reckon bloggers who take the time and effort to actually publish in book form deserve out support.

Then there is a certain badfish outa water,  who promises to write a blockbuster about his bali adventures that will outclass Elizabeth Gilbert, but is also a Master Procrastinator. If you want to hold Badfish’s Book in your hands, you’ll have to head over to Badfish’s site and give him some encouragement. Man, he needs it. In the meantime, just check out any of his blogs, and if you aren’t doubled over with laughter – okay, just smiling – after reading a few – well….. well, there’s no accounting for tastes.

-If you are too busy to read actual books, there’s many great blogs out there.

For some wonderful words and pictures of the floral world,  go to La Floralie and dont forget to check out her 107 ballet minatures – Gladiolis will never be the same again. Eat your heart out, Dame Edna..

Cee’s photography blog has some stunning flower pictures too – this one is of a the most vibrant dahlia you’re likely to see in blogsville..

Mary over at Mindful Wanderings has a poetic and deeply spiritual approach to anything from rocks to rivers. Her posts take time to savour, like good wine, you need to sip, swirl, and come back and taste some more.

If you are into Irish myths, try Safar’ s Blisters and Bunions. She’s quit her day job and has moved into permaculture. which now features prominently on her blog. Maybe you havent had enough of China? For further indepth reading, the always well-researched posts at I-Look China are a fount of information.

Dear Kitty Some Blog has all the good news and bad news going on in the world. Dear Kitty is a power-blogger – don’t say you havent been warned. She produces so much stuff it’s hard to keep up.

If you need a reminder that good things come after hard work, or just another nudge to follow your passion, Sounja Walter’s Control:Alt:BELIEVE is riveting reading. Sounja has the uncanny ability to make computer coding read like a mystery novel that you can’t put down. Only trouble is, Sounja hasn’t been around for a while, I hope she is not lost somewhere in control.alt.delete and other coding mysteries.

If you are into craft and need some good supplies, head over to blogger Julz. Julz has a good supply of yarns and other crafty stuff on offer. Whilst we are on crafty things, Lori over at Quilt Musings has a goreous array here.

For sheer visual delight and to be inspired by a creativity check out Glass Manifestations.  A kaleidoscope of vibrant colour and joy.

Finally, fellow Aussie Adele Miranda has the most exquisite shots of people beaches, water, and kids  that you might ever see. Each shot is quintessential, each shot contains refractions and light – truly beautiful.

That’s just part of my Blogosphere. There’s many others, of course, like the well-crafted photographs of Australian natural scenaery at Days and Months, but it would take me a month of sundays to get through them all.

We end where we began – with Photrablogger Jithin, who managed to express gratitude to what must be almost all his followers when he published his book. It would take not a month but a year of sundays to get through his list.

Yet isnt that what blogging is about? connecting with others across the world about our passions, our ideas, our thoughts. Thank you to all the wonderful people I have met who blog about their passions. What a rich world you open for all to see and enjoy. My life has been  enriched  with so many intriguing blogs. I have learnt much about many diverse things, drank in beautiful pictures, and laughed out loud. We are all connected through the Blogosphere.