Beneath My Feet

Once upon a time in China, I saw a great stretch of green grass. At the time -about a decade ago – there wasn’t much greenery around in China. There still isn’t, but it’s getting better. Cities and towns are starting to green up – slowly. I did what any self-respecting Aussie would do – I chucked off my shoes and started to walk barefoot. ( “chucked” is Aussie speak for , in this case, “take off ( my shoes)”.

A horrified look emerged on my husband’s face and remained there, frozen.

“Debbie, what are you doing?” The horror on his face was matched by his tone.

“I’m walking barefoot. I haven’t seen green grass in soooo long….”

“Put your shoes back on, quickly. It’s dirty. Very dirty.”

How could the green grass of nature be dirty?
As if reading my thoughts, he continued, “people have pooed and shat here”.

Right on cue, I looked around, and there  indeed, was a toddler, with his pants down, defecating on the ground. On my nice green grass.

Beneath My Feet is the wordpress photo challenge for this week. I decided I wouldn’t post photos of green grass, marred by……  . Outside my window, theres trees and a distant lake. I’m back from my morning walk, and breakfasted late.

What was beneath my feet? I didnt take my phone, and I’ve never been one for taking photos of bitumen. The footpaths are usually uneven, sometimes liable to fall away under your feet due to lack of repair, and lately I’ve been falling over a bit. Right now, as I type, I have an icepack on my fourth toe. (Not from my morning walk, mind you, but from bumping the rather heavy rosewood furniture)

So instead I’m waxing nostalgic.
Beneath my feet, salt water, the ocean, my island home.