Lest we forget …. more than Hiroshima

Most people in the world remember the events of August 6th 1945 with horror, and with hope for peace in the world.

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were perhaps the highest evil our world has seen.

Knowing the horrific results – extensive deaths and maimings and ongoing sicknesses – it is hard to imagine why there are still over 10s of thousands of these “weapons of mass destruction” in the world today.

What provoked such an attrocious attack on civilians? Whilst such an attack should never have happened, and never happen again, war is about military retaliation that escalates until the losses are too great on one side.

Every army commits atrocities during war time. Whilst many German politicians after the war have apologised for the atrocities they committed, and attemped to ‘make compensation’, Japanese prime minister Abe not only refuses to admit the scale of atrocities committed but makes an annual pilgramage to honour the graves of war criminals.

After World War 2, the Japanese constitution enshrined a non military state, prohibiting the armed forces to wage war.

Yet the Japanese government under Abe is “reinterpreting” Clause 9 ( sometimes referred to as ‘the pacifist clause’ ) of the Japanese constitution, and Japan is increasingly becoming re-militarised.

float in Japan on May Day 2015 protesting against Japanese prime minister Abe’s militarisation of Japan

There are many horror stories of atrocities committed in Japanese prisoner of war camps. What is less known, is the war against and invasion of China prior to World War 2. The atrocities were so bad, that the local Nazi living in Shanghai wrote a personal letter to Adolf Hitler, asking him to stop “his barbarian friends”.

Iris Chang wrote about the German Nazi in Shanghai and the invasion in her book The Rape of Nanjing. She also wrote about the horrific torture, abuse, and mass murder – genocide – that took place along the Yangtse River and in Nanjing.

(http://www.irischang.net,                                              http://www.amazon.com/Rape-Nanking-Forgotten-Holocaust-World/dp/0465068367/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438906888&sr=8-1&keywords=rape+of+nanjing )

Katsumoto Saotome, now 82, is a survivor of Hiroshima and he fears reluctance amongst Japanese leaders to admit to the atrocities means it might happen again.

(  http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/cndy/2015-03/10/content_19764239.htm)

Slower than the atomic bomb dropping on a city, but also causing maiming and death were the chemical and biological experiments carried out by the Japanese in North China.

WARNING: please do not read further if you are squeamish. these tales of wars are beyond evil.

Injecting cholera , anthrax and innocuations of other epidemic diseases, poisoning water supplies, and dropping toxic and fatal pathogens from the air onto whole towns and villages. The biological and chemical warfare machine also consisted of “factories” where poisons were regularly injected into local people. People were frozen to death, burned alive, dissected without anaesthic, injected with animal blood, boiled and hung upside down, and put in pressure chambers until their eyes literally popped out of their head.

WARNING – more atrocities as described by the perpetuators.

“Describing his work, one scientist in the plague unit at Unit 731 later said, “I inserted the scalpel directly into the log’s neck and opened the chest. At first there was a terrible scream, but the voice soon fell silent.” 

the “log” was the Japanese military term for their human victims.


“there were reports of three-year-old children being jabbed with needles and submerged in icy water and screaming women cut open so their reproductive organs could be examined. Some victims had their stomachs removed and their esophagus connected to intestines. Others who had their arms amputated and reattached on opposite side”.

Reader, do not take this next statement the wrong way.

In the scales of evil, being gassed to death seems of a lesser evil than such atrocities – like those listed above and many more found in the links below – that are so extreme on any scale of evil they are almost incomprehensible.

Why put this in a blog?

It is Hiroshima Day. 

“The death toll in Nanking exceeds those lost in the combined atomic blasts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

( quote from Iris Chang, the movie, http://www.irischangthemovie.com/trailer/iris_trailer.html)

Who even knows about the countless Chinese victims, apart from their relatives. And all the people in Nanjing.

Lest we forget.


New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristoff reports @ http://ahrp.org/the-new-york-times-unmasking-horror-a-special-report-japan-confronting-gruesome-war-atrocity/






Lest we forget. 

Hiroshima Day, 2015.