Digital Law

Chinese courts have gone digital.

That’s right – if you live in Shanghai, Jilin, Beijing or numerous other Chinese cities, and you have a legal complaint, you can now register it online. Simply fill in details of the complaint, the parties, evidence, and wait for a trial date.

In Guangdong, uses of the e-law system can even raise questions with judges online about the case!!

Some courts even have pages on prominent social media sites like Sina Weibo and Wechat , and a mobile app has been launched whereby users can watch trials.

China plans to continue to digitalize its court system, giving all provinces access to digital law by 2017.

Chinese lawyers in their uniforms.

In other legal news from China, Beijing is reinstating uniforms for lawyers. The dapper suit, black with red neck ties, is something you won’t see if you get your mobile app and press charges online!

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