International Children’s Day

June the first is International Children’s Day, and it’s celebrated widely in China.

International Children’s Day commenced in 1949, established by the Women’s International Democratic Federation, in protest about the number of women and children killed during wars, especially in the concentration camps in the Czech city of Lidice.

The image above shows volunteers giving stationary to primary school children in a small village in Guangxi ( a poorer province in south-west China).

Children in Lintao County, Cansu on Children’s Day 2015. photograph from


It’s not just local children that receive charitable gifts on International Children’s Day. A Chinese medical team visited Kenya this June 1st bringing much needed vaccines for diseases like Ebola and malaria.

Most Chinese children had a break from the routines lessons today. They engaged in fun activities like water-bombing, bubble-blowing, and kite-flying.

These Beijing kids drew a large picture of the sun  –

Beijing children draw the characters for sun and moon to celebrate International Children’s Day in 2015. Photo from

Whilst in Guangdong, children played a game of out-staring – and won!

Child tries to get an adult to laugh in a “blank staring” competion for Childrens Day, 2015. Photograph from


Happy Children’s Day one and all!

Happy Children’s Day to my daughter 🙂

The photos on this post are publically available on the world wide web, and are taken from Chinese news sources.

More wonderful photos for International Children’s Day in China can be found at Xinhua news service

For a good dialogue on the importance of courtesy and the ethics of posting other peoples photos on the world wide web, see Catherine Hamrick at Random Storyteller.

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