on the way to dao…

Mvc-284f        On the way to the summit of Qing Cheng Shan, Daoist Mountain in Sichuan.

道 dao  means “the Way”.  A long time back, 老子 Laozi wrote in the 道德经 Dao De Jing that we couldn’t really understand the mysterious universe, so we can just call it 道  , or the Way.

The hiker, like myself, was setting out to climb 青城山 Qing Cheng Shan, the Green City Mountain, just outside Chengdu, as part of a Daoist conference held in Chengdu in 2004.

Mvc-287fFour years later, this pristine, luscious mountain was to suffer in the Wenchuan earthquake. The rumblings from this disaster could be felt from Beijing to Guangzhou, a shock to all of  China. The panda reserve at the bottom of the mountain was seriously impacted, and many Daoist temples were destroyed.

Altar to Laozi on Qingchengshan


Sadly, there is scientific evidence out which shows that depletion of the water table may have contributed to the cause of this catastrophic quake, much like the recent one in Nepal. Meanwhile, companies like Nestle continue to drill underground, below the water table, to bottle water to sell to people who have no other water source, thus contributing even more to the global water shortage.

mountain top temple, Qingchengshan


When the hiker and myself reached a mountaintop temple, it wasn’t the destination.

Daoists chat at Qingchengshan


Like these fellows, we were just on the way to Dao


The Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao

the nameless is the origin of heaven and earth

named, it is the mother of all things

道可道,非常道 dao ke dao fei chang dao –

The Dao that can be named is not the eternal Daodao zi

On the Way to dao

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