The Great Barrier Reef depends on green…

Windmill in Donghai, China


This is a repost of an earlier blogpost, with updated information.

Followers of this blog will recall that China is increasingly sourcing green energy. Here’s a windmill from a windfarm in the National State Forest in Donghai, northern Jiangsu.

China is valiently trying to lessen its dependence on coal-burning industries, and coal-burners suppling heating for winter has been replaced in all new housing developments in the north with less polluting heating systems.

So why is Australia planning on building a bigger, dangerous coal mine, targeting China as one of the major potential buyers of Australian coal?

Doesn’t really make sense does it? The planned Adani mine in central Queensland promises to cause massive environmental damage, destroy the livelihood of families, contribute to the genocide of yet another aboriginal tribal group, and… if all of that was not enough, cause massive pollution in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Guardian newspaper has produced an informative article in a very visually appealing online format, using multimedia approaches. You can check it out here

Watch out for the ‘moving pictures’.

Adani, the group behind the project, is well known globally for causing massive environmental damage in many countries. Adani was investigated by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and found to have “deliberately concealed and falsified facts”. ( Reference can be found by clicking on above ‘environmental damage’ link)

In addition, the original approval for Adani’s existing mines in Queensland was rushed through by a previous conservative government without addressing environmental concerns.

Corruption in the Adani company is well documented. ( Click on the link for the news record article)

Here’s the dead fish dying from a “mysterious illness” in the Gladstone port where Adani’s dirty coal runoff is dumped.

Dead Fish in Gladstone port, injuries caused by coal pollution from Adani mine

Picture and information from

Damages to the Great Barrier Reef from Adani’s coal mining projects can be found here.

Here’s what Australia’s Great Barrier Reef should look like


This picture is from another informative article in The Guardian, about the damage done to the Reef.

Thankfully, the new Queensland government is reconsidering the legalities of the original approval for Adani’s operations.

UPDATE: Well, they were. Lately the Queensland Government has been getting into bed with big coal producers.

Despite a campaign involving eminent Australians, including prominent cricket legends the Chappell brothers, a survey which shows 2/3 of Australians are against this mine and prefer solar energy, members of the Queensland government are about to visit India as Adani’s guests!!!!!


This is a photo of coral bleaching on Australia’s Barrier Reef, taken by marine biologists. For the second year running, coral  bleaching on the Barrier Reef has reached unprecedented levels.


If it was so easy being green, our reef should like like this picture from Sustainable Queensland 

The scientist who took this picture confirmed the coral was full of colour only months ago. ( Photo credit: The Guardian)

All of this destruction for what? Producing a commodity that no-one much wants anymore?

 A decade ago growth in China’s coal consumption was 18 percent a year; now it is down to below 3 percent. Peak coal is imminent in China, says  industry research groups. Cutting reliance on coal is well underway in China.

If called to, you can take action to participate in the campaign to stop this environmental madness here

or here:

or /and here:

At this link, you can see the perspective from the traditional owners of the land affected by Adani’s proposed mine.



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