Sunrise over Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain peeping through the morning clouds

The magnificent Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunnan, China.

It was early morning, driving to the Jade Mountain Snow Mountain, when dawn broke along the rough mountainous road that led to the mountain revered by the Naxi people.

The evening before, I’d seen 玉龙雪山 Yue Long Xue Shan watching over the township of Lijiang, like a palpable force, a mountainous angel protecting the people of the village

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain watching over Lijiang
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the dawn

The mountain peeped through the clouds in the early dawn, greeting the world with her majestic presence.

Lijiang 315
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain rises over a sleepy village near the head waters of a Yangtze river source stream.

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I hope these images bring you closer to the magnificence of this mountain and the people who have worshipped her for eons, the Naxi people of Yunnan, China.