Coal consumption declines in China: carbon emissions go down

Pollution is a world-wide problem, as particle-filled air crosses the Pacific, from China, to other countries. Yet none feel the detrimental health effects like the thousand-million odd people who live in the thick of it.


The good news is, one of the largest polluters, the coal industry, is lifting it’s game. Coal consumption in China fell by 2% and coal imports declined by 11% in 2014.

The Institute for Energy Economics predicts Chinese coal usage will continue on a downturn, thus also lessening global carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, China continues to develop solar, wind, biomass and natural gas energy sources. China spent $90 billion  on renewable energy in 2014 – almost double that spent by the USA ( $52 billion) on renewables. Wind farms are encouraged in China via concessions for up to 25 years – a Harvard University team estimated China could be self-sufficient in electricity, entirely from accessing wind technology, by 2030.

One day, I’ll only see blue on the horizon!


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