Very Smart Televisions….

For those of you with myopia – or just fading vision – and you can’t read all those messages you are getting on your very quite smart phone – Xiao Mi, a China electronics company has just the thing for you.

Mobile Phone talks to TV – you look on the big screen!

Yes, that’s right, a very very smart TV, that interfaces with your phone, your tablet, your – well anything that accesses your wifi router, really.

It’s also a very very high ( yep, there we go again, the double very’s) pixel resolution,  AND  3-D enabled.

Watch a dead actor in a movie about dead poets, or just head here to see a Chinese dead poet…. all on your new very smart TV!

It will automatically connect to an endless stream of available movies ( legal or otherwise, hey, let’s not quibble, much of the world has pirated dvds available.. this is just one step up from that.)

What else does the Xiao Mi very very very smart TV do? Well, it’s got games, radio, and apps.

Oh, and I think it’s got an actual TV in there somewhere too…. you know, that very very oldfashioned thing that you check your TV guide to see what’s showing on your local station tonight?