Not only soldiers fight wars….

Got four minutes? Check out the video below for an interesting talk that may alter your concepts on many things……

Not only soldiers fight wars:  the thoughts of German scholar Thorsten J. Patteberg.

“Confucianism” is a word coined by Western commentators of China, as we have noted before here at Spaceship China.

In China, this scholarship or body of thought is known as 儒家 Ru Jia – or the Scholarly Thought – 儒 ru  means “scholar” and 家 jia is literally ‘family, but in this context means “school of thought”.

Confucius himself followed the example of the prior Zhou kingdom. The Zhou dynasty codified many aspects of Chinese society that are typical of Chinese thought and practise still today.

Thorsten Patteberg has an interesting video here full of very memorable quotes, regarding the process of Western missionaries ( and not only religious missionaries) infiltrating cultures.

Patteberg says, “the history of the world is not a string of truths but a chronicle of survival”

What’s your favourite quote from the video? 🙂