On the road again…..

The seven day Spring Festival period is over. People are travelling home anyway they can – with 1 million people on the trains just on Tuesday. Here’s the overall stats:

On the road – 60 million people

On the railways – 60 million

In the air – 8 million passengers.

1.5 billion trips over the course of the Chinese New Year 7 day period.

That’s a lot of people moving about!

Chinese New Year Lucky Money gone digital.
Digital hongbao


During the Spring Festival, people traditionally give hong bao – red envelopes containing – to younger relatives and friends. This year, a new trend has started – digital hong bao.

Internet giant Alibaba along with China’s internet and chat sites Baidu and Wechat have offered digital “red envelopes” where people can gift their relatives money.

By shaking their mobile phones, people could retrieve the Red Envelopes other sent to them. About 13.5 million people were shaking their phones at the same time on New Year’s eve, with about 1.7 billion Renminbi ( Chinese currency) in red envelope exchange on that night alone!

Red Envelopes are Going Viral in China with an estimated equivalent of 1.3 billion $US being paid digitally over the New Year period!

information and pictures from CCTV ( China Central Television Network)