One World Two Systems

Stephen Perry is the founder of China Global Impact and has extensive experience conducting business in China.

China Global Impact

I wrote recently about the theory of enough in relation to China’s journey to a moderately prosperous nation by 2049. That it would be based upon a target for an economy which would provide adequate sustainable economies and societies, not based on debt and hedonism.

I suggested they might look to Northern Europe for models of balance that would have helped guide their thinking. Currently they are on their way from low cost export based model to enable peasants to move from poverty and over-crowding into urban based manufacturing and service industry jobs. China will be transformed from1 billion peasants out of a population of 1.3 billion in 1978, into a population of 1 billion urban dwellers and 200 million agricultural workers by 2030.

China has transformed its agriculture, industry and infrastructure. Now they are moving to a domestic consumption model, less dependent on Western markets and funds and with…

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