Migrant Workers go home for the Lunar New Year

photo courtesy of China Daily
Migrant workers go home for the Chinese New Year

As the lunar New Year approaches, it’s quiet around town, apart from the occasional burst of fireworks punctuating the morning, and bursting haphazardly into the night.

The whole country is on the move, going home for the New Year.

Migrant workers – people from the countryside coming to the big cities to work – pack the trains to go home to spend New Year with their families. Migrant workers often work long hours in difficult conditions, in order to support their families at home, making the things we take for granted in the West – the latest iPhone, white goods, clothes…

As Chinese New Year approaches, spare a thought for the thousands of migrant workers who work under very difficult conditions to give us the material goods we crave….

photo from http://www.chinadaily.com