China’s Agricultural Revolution – Global Impact ahead.

This is a long article, but well worth the read for anyone seriously interested in the global economy. Stephen Perry says “China’s policy of Common Prosperity is based on a global citizenship which shares the benefits.” read his article and find out why.

China Global Impact

The big news that has avoided the media attention it deserves. Central document number one is the first policy document of the year, each year. For the eighth consecutive year it has focused on agriculture. As China has developed since 1978, changing and adapting agriculture has been the key and within that to transforming it from mass peasant production in communes, to small plots for the peasants, and now to major agricultural organisations across the nation. Moving 1 billion peasants off the land was a prerequisite to transforming Chinese agriculture.

This required building jobs in the industrial sectors – urbanisation – and then in the service sector. China’s agricultural land is very modest in relation to its population and to its total geographic mass. Early on in 1978 the party identified the forms of agricultural production that would be needed and for what products to be secure and feed the…

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