The Mysterious Case of the Missing Bus Stops


Big, busy town upstream from Shanghai on the Yangtze River.

Ancient capital of a couple of dynasties.

Place where the “opium treaty” was signed, giving Britain the “right” to trade in narcotics in exchange for ceasing military invasions.

Town which suffered genocide  during World War 2.

City with a huge new town, with modern, wide, tree-lined streets.

Home to the mausoleum of Dr Sun Yatsen.

And home to the Mysterious Case of the Missing Busstops.


here’s the busstop.


and here’s were it had once been….

Quite a few of them, perhaps up to 24, went missing overnight…


The Nanjing Bus Stop Company called the Police, estimating the Missing Busstops cost up to 1.4 million RMB (about 2 million dollars)

The response of Chinese netizens? ….

Bascially, disbelief and scepticism. One netizen suggested the busstops could not possibly have been made of stainless steel, otherwise so many of them could not have bee cut over night, without making a whole lot of noise. Another netizen who works in the industry commented that normally, busstops might cost about 20,000 RMB, so the estimated financial loss is greatly overrated

And others commented with similar sceptical, cynical responses.


Where did all those busstops in Nanjing go to?