Chinese phrases for admiration…

If you are looking to impress someone, here are a few old idioms.. some very old.. you might like to consider using….



DIVE – FISH – FALL- GOOSE : someone so beautiful they make fishes dive and geese fall out of the sky

The King of Han sent  a woman from his court to a rival state. On her way there, a goose, amazed at her beauty, fell out of the sky. Or so the story goes!



HIDE- MOON- SHAME- FLOWER    : the beauty of this person makes the moon hide and shames flowers



wǔ guāng shí sè

FIVE-BRIGHT-TEN-COLOURS :   someone shiny and bright

from the Song Dynasty, poet Jiang Yan described a lady as like a pink lotus in a pool of water, her gestures like flying clouds falling off a cliff, and “five-bright-ten-colours” – shiny, gorgeous, extravagant!




 The Four Beauties of Classical China