China’s Internet Scene

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China is a country of hard-working people, and it has one of the largest online communities of internet users. Like much else, the IT industry in China has had a boom, giving rise to many internet users, IT professionals, bloggers and hackers. Despite growth in economy and many opportunities, a lot of people have turned towards online sources of income mainly due to a lot of population in the country and the high competition. Hence there’s a large community of bloggers in China.
Blog ranking
One thing that’s really inspirational about the Chinese is that, they make almost everything themselves, and use those things as well. They have their own vehicles, they have their own stealth fighters, they have their own satellites, and they have their own search engine, social media and blogging services. And it isn’t something that a small, local company runs with limited scope. These services are being used throughout China.

How’s that relevant? Well, many popular bloggers in China are using Chinese services such as Sina and Sohu as their host and publishing platform. Forget WordPress or Blogger, the Chinese will have it their own way! While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does put us in a bit of a problem. Some of these blogs aren’t sub-domain blogs. So their Alexa and Google PR ranking is common and shared with the main domain. So ranking them on the basis of Alexa (or something similar) is useless.
Another thing to consider is, since many of these blogs are in Chinese, their major audience comes from the native Chinese-speaking community.
Blogging and other internet commentary – like weibo -the “chinese twitter” and weixin (Wechat) – an app like Viber or Whatsup – are incredibly popular in China.