Dragon Kings Prawn Soliders and Crab Generals




  xiā bīng xiè jiàng

Prawn Soldiers and Crab General

Once upon a time in Qingdao, I stumbled upon a statue of the Dragon King.

I asked what were all the prawns and crabs doing on the statue, and received this reply

” 虾兵蟹将” – the Prawn and Crab Army of the Dragon King!

It’s an expression in Chinese – meaning  underlings who aren’t really all that helpful…. like an army of sychopants…..

I’d lost the original photo so have borrowed the one above from


Dragons are pretty popular in China – images and icons of dragons are everywhere!

They litter the vocabulary and consciousness of most Chinese – and they are benevolent beings ( mostly) ruling over Water. ( i.e. , they don’t breathe fire like western dragons)