Clarity, 2


or lack of it…. not much clarity from my verandah view this morning, there is a lake out there somewhere…. the Jin Ji Hu ( Golden Chicken Lake, yeah, um….)

with such grey haze I checked the pollution index… over 400 on the PM ( small particles) scale… anything over 300 reads as ‘hazardous to health’… looks like today is the day I go out and by a pure air filter machine….

so what’s being done about it… well, the national government has enacted laws to cut the dangerous small particle pollution levels by 2017.. the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency enacted comprehensive anti-pollution laws in 2013, investing $277 billion dollars over the next four years to combat air-born pollution, vehicles are restricted in central Beijing and natural gas and electric vehicles are being pioneered… and thankfully, the antiquated coal-heating systems that contribute so much to the haze in winter are being replaced.

China, did you know, has the largest human-made forest in the world? Way back in 2009 China planted 5.88 million hectares of forest, prompting Al Gore ( former vice-president of USA) comment that China, with 2 and half times the amount of trees planted per year, in comparison to the entire rest of the world, had the largest tree-planting program the world has ever seen.

Yet all that still hasn’t stopped that smog outside my window. There’s a lot more to do.

Yet it pays to remember that our Earth has seen this kind of rapid industrialisation before – albeit not in such dimensions. Way back in the 18th Century, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, London was known as “the big smoke” because of its heavy industrial pollution. During a week of smog in 1873, 700 people died in London.

The Ecology Global Network says ” There were many indicators that the Industrial Revolution propelled the world human population into an era of living and production at the ultimate expense of the human condition”

It’s an ongoing, complex challenge…. makes me appreciate the blue blue skies of home…..


Information sourced from the following:  ( academic account of forestation in yunnan)