Autumn in the Heart

Chinese characters, being a pictorial language, have a depth of meaning.

One of my favourites, and the title of this category about written Chinese, is the character for



this word consists of  qiū at the top, and underneath, the beautiful ideogram representing heart


If you think about it, maybe you can see the chambers of the heart in this character, especially when written in beautiful calligraphy



this beautiful calligraphy lovingly borrowed from

so autumn in the heart  is melancholy.

beautifully poetic, when you think about it, isn’t it?

another interesting symbolism with     xīn  is the word for anger   怒  nù

is made up of  奴  nú  which means slave

and our heart-word,   xīn

a slave over the heart is anger… interesting philosophical statement, all in one written word…..

watch this space for more interesting breakdowns of chinese characters….


Is there a word that you would like to know about in Chinese, and what concepts and structures make that word?

if so, drop a reply in the comment box!