around the chinese internet 1

peking-university-library-male-god-wei-xiaolong-03   Male God found studying in Beijng University

someone snapped a picture of a handsome young man, studying for his gaokao  (a complex term with a very ancient and rich history… lets just say it means university entrance exams)

posted it online, and it went viral.

typical comments on sina weibo ( chinese twitter) include sentiments like “Beijing Universty library God,i’m on a train, rushing to beijing” “my library doesn’t have this kind of male god”… and the first poster, who said

Finals season, and this Peking University Information Technology major god is so hot it’s making me crazy! His white shirt makes him look like he walked out of a soap opera, the kind of study-god that can help you prepare for your test. I’ve got a reliable source that says he’s single annnnd has good grades. I want to be the first to post this, before he takes over the internet.

so that’s your first taste of what goes around the chinese internet ….

what kind of viral topic from china would you like to see rejigged here on spaceship china?

Reader, do reply… I’ll search for something that would be just your cup of tea……