ming jing  …… Clarity


the 明 ming in clarity is formed from two pictograms…

日   ri for sun-

月  yue for moon

日月  sun + moon together make   明 ming  or clear….

the term 明镜 mingjing was first used way back in the 3rd Century, by the alchemist Ge Hong, also known as the Master Who Embraces Simplicity… to refer to a meditation technique

and has come to mean anything that is bright and clear like a mirror

clarity like a bright mirror?

clear as mud?


Zhu Xi, ( Song dynasty confucian scholar) said  “just communicate the point, don’t worry about prosaic beauty.

Without clarity, no body will understand you.”

Zhou Gong, the Duke of Zhou – Uncle Dan to you – said “Work on clarity, not verbosity”!


clarity, like the sun and moon together, reflected in a mirror.




( quotes from Essays on Man and Culture, by Cheng Man Ch’ing)