dollars falling from the sky

shanghai 2015

new year in Shanghai. 2015.

the usual crowd of millions, the usual push, shove, and nowhere to move.

the usual incredible fireworks, and dollars falling from the sky.

someone had the grand idea of throwing nightclub tickets, in the form of fake american dollars, to the crowds assembled along the Bund to welcome in the New Year. there was a scramble – the crowd moved forward, a counter-push moved back, people fell, people got trampled, thirty-five people died.

that’s the story according to some. according to others, it was simply the rush and crush of too many people, not enough policing, everyone dashing for the best view.

Where was I in the fray? Well… I wasn’t… I was watching other fireworks, along another waterfront, in Hong Kong.

But that’s a different story.

When you live amongst millions, who am I becomes who are we?

and I, we, are just one of the millions caught up in the China Dream……