the China Dream

20141115_140125    The China Dream

In China, every new leader has a slogan, a vision, a catch phrase which marks his reign.

Deng Xiao Ping, who commenced the opening up of China in the 1980s, famously said  

yi bu fen xian fu qi lai     ——   some get rich first!

Jiang Zimin, Deng’s successor and Chinese leader from 2000 –   2005 came up with “the Three Represents” – which nobody, frankly, understood.  Hu Jintao stepped forward and contributed “the harmonious society” which at least was comprehensible.

In Chinese,  the first words of President Hu’s harmonious society  – 和谐社会 –  he xie she hui  – sounds like  河蟹 – he die, or river crabs, and in the grand Chinese tradition of using similar sounding words to make political comments, “river crabs’ became the internet catchword to describe Hu Jin Tao.

china-changsha-crabs-alligator-spilled-in-traffic-accident-looted-by-chinese-passerbys-01-600x450 river crabs spill from truck, people loot the river crabs in Changsha, October 2014

-The current president Xi Jinping, came to power in 2013, soon developed his own catchphrase : the China Dream.


china dream



As far as slogans go, it’s a pretty good one – the China Dream means all things to all people. To President Xi, it means the reinvigoration of the Chinese Nation.


Watch this space for more on what the China Dream means to Chinese people……